Task and Route Planning Solution

Improve order delivery and field services by automating route planning and task management. Switch from manual operations to an automated, efficient and cost-effective process.


Automatically generated routes without any errors and inefficiencies. Get an estimated time of arrival as soon as the route is generated.

  • Specified waypoints are turned into the most optimal routes.
  • Up to three route suggestions with length, delivery time and ETA.
  • Easily edit route, assign vehicle and add notes for the driver.
Route Planning
Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring

Live location of the cargo and the latest information about the estimated time of arrival. Instantly react to any changes, communicate with the driver and report to clients.

  • See the latest information about the estimated time of arrival (real-time calculations).
  • Monitor driver’s status, task and route progress in one window.
  • Know whether your delivery would be on time.


Make changes and improvements based on factual information. Calculate operational costs and compare planned and actual results.

  • Calculate delivery costs.
  • Monitor driver’s behaviour and driving time violations.
  • Identify the best routes and drivers.
OnTrack APP

OnTrack App

Assistant for driver and fleet manager

OnTrack App improves communication between driver and dispatcher. It can be used on both, mobile and tablet devices allowing the user to choose a preferred option.

Dispatcher can send tasks, routes and messages from TrustTrack to OnTrack App.

Driver using OnTrack App can:

  • See and confirm tasks;
  • Send messages, photos and files;
  • Navigate to task location using received route;
  • View Eco-Drive parameters.

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