Safety Solution
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Safety Solutions

Pacific Telematics devices integrate directly to vehicle CAN. This allows all vehicle data to be captured and transmitted in real time. Further integration of smart devices such as Tyre pressure monitoring, refrigerated cooler and various switches can be added to provide a complete system view.

Alarms are customized to automatically monitor all data and only alert the user if a parameter has been exceeded. Alarms can be set to alert via platform, e-mail, sms or a combination of all options.

GEOZones can be added to monitor the vehicles in locations which are prone for incidents. The system can be configured to trigger alarms preventing potential incidents before they occur.

Due to the availability of configurable inputs and outputs, further devices can be added to integrate into your vehicle to enhance further safety.

Truck Safety Solution
Safety for trucks

Remote ignition

Remote Ignition blocking and alert buttons prevent a vehicle from being stolen. Different means of driver identification allow those responsible for the vehicle and cargo at a certain time to be determined.

It offers protection against unauthorised use of the vehicle. Remote activation is done via platform or by SMS.

Perishable cargo protection

Ensuring the right temperature is essential for perishable goods transportation. With this solution, the temperature can be monitored directly from the refrigerating equipment, and temperature sensors can be installed for extra protection.

Perishable cargo protection

Safety features include:

⦁ Roll stability event monitoring
⦁ ABS monitoring
⦁ Low Air monitoring
⦁ Tire pressure including leak detention
⦁ Tire temperature
⦁ System faults
⦁ Harsh braking events including duration of braking

⦁ Power supply monitoring
⦁ Lateral acceleration rate of change
⦁ Roll over Alarm
⦁ Engine total fuel used, fuel level, fuel rates
⦁ Engine speed (RPM)
⦁ Engine hours
⦁ Brake, clutch, accelerator position

⦁ Cruise control
⦁ Vehicle ID
⦁ Axle weight
⦁ Wheel based speed
⦁ Engine coolant temperature
⦁ Ignition
⦁ Odometer

The system will send alarms in real time to e-mail or SMS

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