Eco Drive

Driver ranking and motivation
Economical driving
Road safety

Eco-Drive solution

Eco-Drive solution monitors driver’s behaviour by analysing parameters that impact fuel consumption and safe driving. The system is set up to motivate drivers to change driving behaviour.

Eco-Drive solution
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Driver ranking and motivation

Rank drivers by performance and identify places for improvement.

Driver behaviour information can be used to set-up a motivation or remuneration system for drivers. For example, drivers with the highest fuel efficiency and safe driving scores can be rewarded.

Economical driving

Reduce fuel consumption by teaching economical driving.

Driver behaviour analytics and reports show which driving skills and areas need improvement. It helps to understand, how employee driving style should change in order to drive economically and save more fuel.

Eco-Drive solution also shows the amount of wasted fuel. This calculation is based on idling time, extreme braking, harsh braking, RPM and cruise control data.

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Traffic Safety Attention

Road safety

Improve fleet safety by measuring dangerous driving points.

Eco-Drive solution calculates dangerous driving points for each driver and vehicle. Dangerous driving points are based on extreme braking, overspeeding, harsh braking and harsh acceleration events.

Eco-Drive data

Monitor and analyse 26 parameters, that are related to fuel consumption and safe driving.

  • Dangerous driving point rate
  • Fuel wasting rate
  • Driven distance
  • Driving time
  • Fuel consumption
  • Overspeeding % of driving time
  • RPM in red band of driving time
  • Extreme braking event rate
  • Harsh breaking event rate
  • Harsh acceleration event rate
  • Excess idling %
  • Cruise control use % of available to use
  • Dangerous driving points
  • Average speed
  • Extreme braking events
  • Fuel consumed
  • Fuel wasted
  • Harsh acceleration events
  • Harsh braking events
  • Idling duration
  • Maximum RPM rev/minute
  • Maximum speed
  • Normal braking event rate
  • Normal braking events
  • Wasted fuel % of fuel consumed
  • Overspeeding duration

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