Truck IQ

Meets: E-Mark, CE1304, ROHS, FCC

TruckIQ is a fully featured vehicle tracker capable of reading CAN bus data from Australian, European, North American and Japanese’s vehicles.

CAN bus (J1708, J1939, FMS) capable readers plus RS232/RS485 interfaces. Over 10 configurable input output monitoring configuration possible via digital and analogue inputs. Device is 4G but auto downgrades to 3G and 2G networks.

TruckIQ Device

Data monitored includes:

⦁ CAN Fuel usage, level & total fuel used
⦁ CAN engine RPM / SPEED
⦁ Faults
⦁ RSS and braking events
⦁ CAN axle weights
⦁ Engine temperature, Coolant level
⦁ Brake, clutch activation monitoring
⦁ Acceleration position, throttle used etc.
⦁ Vin details
⦁ Remote configuration and ability to lock unlock.
⦁ Continental Pressure Check TPMS integrated*

No impact on warranty / electronic system drop outs.

Minimize connection with dedicated harnesses for FMS CAN & OBD. Allowing plug and play installation. EASY CAN installation for J1939 allowing connection to CAN without splicing or wire cutting. Simply overlays existing CAN bus and reads data from the bus.

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