Protecting your asset

Protecting your asset, protecting your drivers, reducing running costs, improving efficiency and mitigating non-compliance are just some of the benefits to your business


Fleet management solutions

Real-time vehicle tracking improves fleet performance. Saving cost, time and increasing efficiency.

Eco-Drive solution

Reduce fuel consumption, improve fleet safety. Motivation system to monitor and change driver behaviour.


Pacific Telematics devices integrate directly to vehicle CAN, Monitoring key aspects of your vehicles data. Smart devices such as Tire pressure monitoring, refrigerator units and trailer braking systems are further integrated to provide a holistic view of vehicle performance.


Pacific Telematics devices can be integrated into your MRP system to automate various functions. This allows automated transfer of data between your vehicle and your MRP system without human intervention, saving human resource, time and money.

Full system integration

Pacific Telematics devices can be integrated with third party devices such as sensors, switches and other modules. To allow seamless transfer of data using one platform.

ROI Calculator

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Work with Passion

We work with passion. Our knowledge of the industry enables us to integrate connected devices to add value. We love to work hard, create things and always aim to please every customer.


We’ve Worked With

DRVR Smart driving
Ruptela Transport Telematics


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